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    These extra videos I created will help you learn more about doTERRA. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like me to create a video about something else.- I am getting better at this video thing!

    Welcome to doTERRA

    This takes you through doTERRA's website. The ins the outs and how to place your first order.

    What is LRP and how to get started with it.

    This video helps explains what an LRP (Loyaly Rewards Program) is and why it's great to be included in.

    What is my daily routine!

    You probably didn't realize how many products doTERRA carries. I go through my morning routine to give you an idea of how great doTERRA products really are. This also helps you realize what you can change about your normal routine to use safer, non toxic, and chemical free products in place of what you are already using.

    LLV and best way to take them.

    Long Life Vitality Vitamins or LLV. This video helps you to know how you should take them or how many to start with. They are potent and if your body isn't used to taking vitamins, you will want to start with a smaller dose.


    What diffusers do doTERRA carry and what is the best diffuser for me?

    Creating roller balls!

    I love making my own roller balls! This goes into detail on why to make your own and how many drops are best used when making your own roller bottles.

    Using the link generator

    This video I show you how to use the link generator and why it's great to send these personalized links to potential customers.

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