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We love teaching classes "make and take style". We invite people to come to our DIY Make & Take Classes and use a class handout with recipes.

You can make up your own make and take classes from recipes found online or you can purchase pre-done classes from; - She does run sales so wait until a sale to purchase if needed
For facebook classes you can purchase them here at Essential Oil Academy

What makes these make and takes so special? Why not just teach intro classes all the time if we are good at them?


1. This class formats are simple and more duplicatable. People do not have to have any oil knowledge to teach them. You read from the handouts and the make & take sheet, make stuff and when they have a question about what an oil does, you show them how to use an oils book to look it up. YOU EMPOWER THEM! Anyone can teach these classes with zero experience because you just read from the tools.

2. Guests WANT to come, keep coming back, and bring new guests. People do not want to repeatedly come back to intro to oils classes with their friends once they have been to

3. Because your current members want to come back, it improves their oils education and increases their LRP orders. Each time they come back, they learn how to use the oils they already have AND oils they don't have.

4. These classes IMMEDIATELY generate cash flow. You charge $5-$8 per make and take product, so you are basically sampling at their expense. This is a better way to get product in their hands because, in reality, it makes the sample more valuable to them. They need to have a little skin in the game - giving everything away for free devalues your amazing product.

5. After some members attend events repeatedly, they see how easy it is and will start ASKING if they can host or teach their own classes!!

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