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HOW TO MAKE: a roller, spray, veggie cap, how to fill a diffuser and where to buy them.

What Resources we like best to know all of this.

Fractionated coconut oil or any other type of carrier oil. doTERRA does sell 4 oz bottles of FCO but you can purchase it from Amazon. Just make sure you are looking at ratings for purity.

Why dilute with carrier oil?

ROLLERS : I actually love doTERRA's roller balls they now carry. They didn't use to so I purchased from Amazon. doTERRA's sell the same ones they use with their own roller recipes which never leak. $4.75 for 6 of them under shop and accessories. For a cheaper option 10ml order from Amazon here. You want to make sure you they have stainless steel roller balls and not plastic.  

Rollers for make and takes- 5ml ones I purchase from Amazon or Glass Bottle Outlet found on Amazon or their own website here. Remember again to purchase stainless steel rollers and not plastic (for citrus blends).

SPRAY BOTTLES: 2 oz glass from Amazon here. Darker glass bottles helps protect from sun rays. You CAN'T use citrus oils in plastic bottles which is why glass is always better to purchase.

VEGGIE CAPS: order from dōTERRA $4 a bottle. Another option that I have grown to love are these from Amazon. dōTERRA's are great but will not last. Once you fill them you need to ingest them. This brand from Amazon you can fill your veggie caps once a week and they last with out dissolving.

DIFFUSERS: 300-500ml off Amazon $20-$35 (use about 3-4 drops per 100ml). dōTERRA's are better by far, but these are good to get by: dōTERRA's also aren't meant for larger rooms.

BOOK: Oil Magic Book- My favorite essential oil reference book.

APPs: My two favorite are Essential Life and EoEbooks both available on Apple and Android.

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