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If you don't know what these things are - ask! It's all about having an amazing, DUPLICATABLE Process!!

1. Enter the enrollment in the computer

2. Facebook friend them (as you told them you would do)

3. Gave them the website information and Member Only Access section along with the password hawaiianturtles.

4. Add them to your chit chat private members fb group and welcome them so they feel welcome to our group and know they are in there. That's where they'll ask questions after your followup chat.

5. Have them read all the units in the private members fb group, so they see how the group works and get started on learning and feeling confident.

6. Ship out Goodie Bag with things that are not in their kit (if you meet them in person, hand them the goodie bag).

7. Put a reminder in your phone to confirm the "I have my oils now what" appt with them that was scheduled while on the phone for 7-10 days later. Text them confirmation that morning of the appointment to chat on the phone.

8. Together, review "I have my oils now what plus recipes" handout found here. Go over their needs and guide them on how to use what they bought and review the recipes page for more ideas. Ask how they liked their goodie bag products.

9. Help them set up their LRP for the next month at the appointment, if they haven't already set it up on their own using the FAQ tips.

10. Check in with them 2 days before their LRP is scheduled to see if they have any questions and again in 60 days. Put those in your calendar.

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