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Peppermint Softgels

· Essential Oils

doTERRA's Peppermint Softgels were released at the 2019 convention and could be purchased starting October 1st. These softgels have helped so many people with digestive issues. What's different about taking these over the popular DigestZen softgels?

So Peppermint itself is a antioxidant and supports the proper function of several different body systems. It's most researched benefit is helping support the healthy digestive function. Clinical research suggests that Peppermint Essential Oil may ease and relax gastrointestinal muscles and reduce gas, bloating, and other acute digestive difficulties.

While doTERRA's DigestZen blend is awesome at supporting the stomach itself and on up, the Peppermint softgels are great at helping the intestinal area into the bowel. The Peppermint softgels are coated with an Enteric Coating. This coating prevents irritation to the stomach lining and allows it to survive the entire digestive system until it is released in the bowel.

The stomach is an acidic environment which can denature or totally destroy many substances that enter the stomach. Because of the Enteric Coating, it wont break down in the stomach acids, instead it can survive into the intestines and be released in the bowel.

How awesome is that! So now you have two awesome choices for that stomach discomfort. You can choose to take or use the DigestZen (softgels or Essential oil) if it's an issue with the stomach itself on up, or you can take the new Peppermint Softgels which will help with issues in the intestinal tract on down to the bowel.

If you are interested in purchasing either or both of these products please click here. You can remove an item or purchase them both. There is a one time $35 membership (like a Costco Membership) which is charged with your first order. This will give you wholesale prices to purchase what ever you want at any time from doTERRA for a year.

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